Misery is Optional

Recollections of Recovery

A play by Dewey Scott-Wiley and Christine Hellman based on verbatim interviews

Misery is Optional travels the path from addiction to recovery based on anonymous interviews with people who have found freedom from addiction. Their inspiring, sometimes harrowing stories shine a light on a disease that affects 23 million Americans – and on the hope and travails of ongoing recovery. Join us as four actors depict 45 people in a hope-filled performance starring Dewey Scott-Wiley, Christine Hellman, Jason Stokes, and Arischa Conner Frierson.

"An immersive, emotionally engaging, and accurate-yet-respectful look at the world from the addict’s perspective"

-Frank Thompson, Jasper Project

"Misery is Optional creates a dialogue for a complex and often misunderstood topic"

-Jackson Stanton, The Daily Gamecock

"While the narrative is a true to life examination of substance abuse, the focus is on the experiences of those who are in recovery, i.e. they have won. At least for one more day"

-August Krickel